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Coming Soon D. El. Ed. ( Diploma in Elementary Education )in Bharathi College of Education(Bharathi B. Ed. College) Kandri Mandar Ranchi!
From Chairman's Desk We believe Education to be an instrument of liberalization and freedom from narrow mindedness, ignorance and unwarranted inhibitions. Technical education especially teacher training is about bringing perfection in the transmission of such Education. The establishment of Bharathi College of Education has been oriented around the nobility of purpose to affect a shift of mindset generating a social change conducive to requirements of challenges put forth by the pervasive scientific development of the modern age, which is rooted in our rich cultural heritage. To be specific it is to improve educational scenario around and to enhance teacher, transaction capacity to eventuate a result oriented preferentiality. To secure the attainment of the set purpose the College has an efficient and committed faculty team, enriched infrastrural facility, attractive classroom make up, equipped laboratories, absorbing co-curricular facilities encompassed by a clean and bewitching environment. Besides the placement of the College in an area undisturbed by pollution and unwarranted socialistic behavior is also a plus point. We promise a student friendly approach to enable you about to your latent capacities. Cordially Yours, Founder Chairman Satish Kumar Sinha
Bharathi College of Education College offers Bachelor of Education training program.
Independence day celebration & Flag hosting by our Co-Chairman Ajay Kumar Sinha.
Women's Day celebrate at Bharathi College
Welcome to Bharathi College Of Education
Welcome to Bharathi College of Education
Bharathi College of Education celebrated Sports annual day.
Top b. ed. college in Jharkhand! celebrated in Bharathi College of education kandri mandar ranchi Jharkhand!